Blog a Day Month

Monday, October 31, 2011 08:18 Posted by Leo Saumure 0 comments
November is National Blog Post Month, where every day you are challenged to post at least one blog entry every day.  Well, I accept your challenge NaBloPoMo!  I'll play your silly little game; then we'll see who's laughing! Technically, I've still got a full day before it is November, but I don't think I will be disqualified by blogging one day early.  Plus, who's going to stop me?  It isn't like there is a NaBloPoMo judge...or a NaBloPoMoJu.  Speaking of judging a blog entry, they don't have any rules to this whole endeavor either.  They just say you should post one blog entry a month; they don't say that it should be well written, they don't say how long it should be, they don't even have drug testing to ensure you're not using blogging enhancing drugs to better your many of what we think of as great bloggers seem to be on the blogging juice, or bluice as it has become known by it's street name.

November seems to be a time where you can take up many challenges.  There is photo-a-day for a month, or write a novel in one month, and of course NaBloPoMo.  I'm just going to keep saying that as much as possible! While I seriously doubt that I could write a novel at all, much less complete on within a month, I do think that I can post a blog entry a day.

So here is today's blog entry:

I had a good run this morning.

Yep, that's it.  You can ignore everything that came before it, and everything that came after it.  This entire rant is simply to state that I had a good run into work with Kristie this morning.  I'm not going to bore you with the fact that we took a different route through the Nagio Gorge, or the fact that on the run back I saw a lily growing along the water's edge that would have made a fantastic photo, or even tell you how nice it is to be running in some warmer weather.  I'm just going to leave all of that to your imaginations.

Anyway, now that the tiny blog post has been posted, I think I will begin my weekly Monday cleaning ritual. But I'll save the details of those exciting adventures for another blog entry!

Caution: He Spits

Friday, October 07, 2011 21:02 Posted by Leo Saumure 0 comments
I was walking home today when I reached a traffic controlled intersection. Not long into my wait for the light to change, one of my pet peeves occurred.

So there I am, waiting for the light to change, as one does, when this inconsiderate ass wad stops right beside me, and begins puffing his on his cigarette letting the smoke fly right in my face.  He didn't blow it directly in my face, but the wind carried it right in my face (For those keeping count, I have used the phrase: right in my face, four times.  And now, back to our regularly scheduled blog rant).

You know, I believe in people's rights.  If you want to fill your lungs with carcinogenic poisons, be my guest.  But don't spew your acrid smoke around so that others have to breath in that crap that just came out of your blackened lungs.  If you smoke, quit being an inconsiderate douche bag and stand away from a crowd.  How would you like it if I walked down the street with a bottle of water, took a big swig, and started spitting my backwash as far as humanly possible without any regard for who might be spit on?  I'd tell you how you'd like it (it was a rhetorical question anyway); you'd be incensed that anyone would that asinine in the first place.

So my question is this: If social norms suggest that spitting on strangers has been removed from the revised addition of Mrs. Manners Big Book of How Not to be a Arse Blaster, why the hell is it all right to blow poisonous fumes around without any thought to who, besides yourself, is being poisoned?

People can be complete dicks!

NZ Navy vs Parking Warden

Monday, October 03, 2011 13:47 Posted by Leo Saumure 0 comments
Right now, here in Wellington, eleven of the NZ Navy's ships are in Wellington harbour to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Navy's founding.  They started arriving back on Thursday and continued arriving throughout most of the weekend.

One of the funny things about it is that each day, when I walk along Wellington's harbour, I see a different ship at a different mooring.  So on one particular day, I saw one of the large ships by Te Papa museum, and some of the other ships scattered at other points along the harbour.  But on other days, it is replaced by a couple of the small boats, or another day it is replaced by the troop carrier.

I think what is happening, is that like so many other places in Wellington, you can only park for free for two hours.  As such, the navy probably hires some guy to shift the boats every hour or so.  I mean, no captain wants to see a $40.00 fine under his wind shield wiper.  Worse yet, getting your war ship out of an impound lot can be a bitch.