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Havana Coffee is coffee roastery not too far from my place of work. I've actually passed by this place many-a-time, but have never gone inside. Today, I went in, and tried a flat white for takeaway, and was pleasantly surprised! I'd rank this as one of the top five I've had in New Zealand.


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Wellington is rotten with scooter drivers as well as scooter dealers! When I think back to living in Canada, when I bought my Vespa, I would often get looks of envy, or thumbs up, or often times would strike up a conversation with people who wanted to know more about it. Here in Wellington, you would need something really special to stand out among the other scooter drivers; and lookie what I found!

This is the Vespa 946, which was just brought out in 2013. I assume they named it the 946 as the Vespa first came out in 1946, but that is just a guess. The 946 is only a 125cc bike, but it's got lines and a style like nothing out there.

If I were the consumer-driven spendthrift type, I would totally buy this!


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The Wellington CBD has a whole bunch of large photo light boxes that they will often display artworks from various artists. This one caught my eye.

It was supposed to rain!

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