Psychedelic cassette tape

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Competitive runner? Not really. But I can sit a mean bench!

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Run rabbit. Run rabbit. Run, run, run.

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Anyone know what these are?

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It's been a bad day. Please don't take my picture.

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My first ever completed project: a soft cozy slipper.

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Quite a long time ago, I took up knitting. I had completed a few projects for friends and family, like knitting a couple scarves for Kristie, and I had done-up a sort of scarf/shawl for my mom a few years back, but I have just recently gotten back into it, as I am trying to implement a self imposed limitation on my internet surfing.

So, like I said, I'm just starting to get back into it, and to start with, I wanted to make a nice poncho for Kristie. The project isn't very difficult (according to the directions), but I still wanted to dive into some really easy projects before I got into a big one. So I found a YouTube video that showed how to knit a pair of slippers.

The project was good in that it incorporated two simultaneous strands of wool to work with, just like the poncho project I wanted to do. Also, it just got me back into the groove. So, with the original yarn that I still had from when I learned to knit, all those years ago, I made a couple of slippers for myself. The first, is this blue yellow dealie and the second is a pink and orange number. The wools don't match, and the pattern is fairly easy, but it did get me back into the knitting game.

I want to say thank you very much to Sandy Davis, on YouTube, who provided wonderful instructions on the complete project!

Anyone know what these are?

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I was taking the boys for a walk in the Botanic Gardens today, and saw these little petite flowers that were blooming. Anyone, with a green thumb, know what they might be?

The beginnings of what promises to be a spectacular day!

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Strange Dream

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Ok, so last night, I had a dream that I was in some sort of Thunderdome-ish event where you basically had to fight to the death, or at least until your opponent was incapacitated. You know, a normal Friday night.

Anyway, as is usual with these kinds of dream where I am physically trying to hurt someone, nothing I did would work. Blows would usually glance off my opponent because my arm would somehow slow down in mid punch, or get tangled in my sleeve, or I would lose my footing and not be able to connect as I wanted. In short, I have never been able to actually cause any real pain or damage when I have a dream about fighting. This kind of fits with my personality as I don't like causing pain in others; I can't even watch fail videos without cringing and turning off the video.

Anyway, something different happened in the dream last night: When the guy I was fighting had turned his back to me, I was able to finally strike a blow! Like, I nailed this guy, and I felt it too! In a real fight, when your fist connects with something hard and heavy, there are repercussions. It isn't like the movies where you hit the guy and your hand continues on through space like you are going through paper. In real life, physics doesn't work that way. Your fist connects, and most of the momentum from the blow transfers to your target, and you hand pretty much comes to a dead stop in a fraction of a second. It hurts your wrist, your shoulder, etc.

However, my point isn't that I was finally able to land a punch. My point is how I was able to land a punch. From everything I can remember about dreams where I am fighting, this has been the only time I actually hurt someone. And how did I hurt him? With a punch to the back of the head, where I couldn't see his face or his eyes.

Strange eh?

Curiouser and curiouser

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When it comes to piquing your interest, sometimes less is more, as is shown by this poster for an imagining of Alice In Wonderland.
Is it a play? Is it a movie? Is it anything to do with the original telling at all? Who knows, but because this poster has piqued my interest...I'm interested!

Everybody walk your dinosaur

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After our run today, we walked over the hill from Seatoun to Miramar, and came along this mural of a dinosaur that we thought was cute. I use to believe that street art needed to be very complex or intricate before I'd consider it art.
This simple mural of a dinosaur proved me wrong.

Street art or criminality

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I've talked about this before, but I absolutely love good street art. I know that it is technically a crime (misdemeanour), but there is something about taking a dull blank canvas and making it into something creative and beautiful.

Whacha doin?

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A typical Monday for me is catching up on housework, and laundry. One of the jobs I dislike over all others, is vacuuming. I just find it tedious and repetative (much like this sentence). I will say that I like seeing the results though.

A nice Kristie lap beats the sand any day

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Sure the sand is nice and warm, but you just can't beat sitting in the lap of your best friend.

Picnic at the beach

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Sitting down to a pizza picnic in Waikanae.

Angus and his pizza

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Today was a remarkable day, so instead of letting it fritter away, we went to the beach at Waikanae. And because we arrived at around noon, it would be impolite not to have a picnic lunch there!

When I am old, I shall wear purple.

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First run in AGES! Had quite a few issues with my heel as of late, and haven't been able to run. Hopefully, the pain afterwards isn't too overwhelming, and I can start making this a regular thing again.

Real Chai

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I noticed this new coffee chai cart on Cuba Street a couple weeks ago. I'm going to have to give it a try soon, and even talk about it on Unfiltered Cafe.

Badass Ukulele Teacher

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I don't know about you, but when I think about a ukulele player, I don't generally think of a badass biker. Maybe I need to adjust my worldview.


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Today started off quite temperate, and lovely. I spent the morning working outside spraying and removing moss from the driveway. But it didn't last long. By the early evening, the sky was completely overcast with low hanging cloud and was raining off and on with some driving winds.

Still, kind of a cool photo though.

The fern ball in some dubious weather

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An oldie but a goodie

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When I saw this car, I was immediately struck by the beauty and styling of it. Then I started wondering how a car of this vintage survives to this day and age, looking so pristine.

Obviously, the owners (or series of owners) valued the car, and took great care of it since purchase. But is that it? Is it simply a matter of regular servicing and maintenance or is the amount of maintenance put into this car unrealistic for the normal owner? For instance, has this car been completely rebuilt from the ground up? Has it been rebuilt several times?

How much of the car's manufactured design specifications ensure that it can survive virtually unscathed through so many years? For instance, can I find some AMC Pacers that are preserved as well as this car?

These questions keep me up at night. ...ok, not really.

Now THIS is a mini!

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I saw this car parked across the street from the coffee shop I was at today. The car is clearly of an old design, but still about as small as a Smart Car. I'm not sure what kind of car it is, but it got me thinking that if everyone drove tiny cars like this, we might not have run through as much fossil fuels to date. Added to that the fact that we'd be forced to have smaller families as we can only fit so much into such a small car...sorry Catholics!

Edit: According to my boss, this is a Fiat 500 Bambino.

Two cat garage

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I've seen this motorcycle quite a few times, here in Wellington. It's an big, old, gritty motorcycle with a sidecar that tends to get noticed; he's actually ridden up beside me while waiting at a traffic light before. The guy that drives it is a total bad ass looking big dude that dresses all in leather, big-long biker beard, military style helmet with a skull and crossbones as a decal, etc. Both the bike and the biker exude an air of: Don't mess with me!

While having coffee this morning, I saw him drive in and park his bike out front. Although I've seen the bike many times, I had never noticed the decal on the front of the sidecar: Two Cats Garage.

Well this just made my day! Just goes to show that even a bad ass can have a soft side.

Bandage from my MMR vaccine

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When I was a child, I had quite a few health issues: I was born with a hole in my heart, born with only one kidney, etc. The biggest problem was my heart condition, and as such I was in and out of the hospital for the first few years of my life.

Because of being in and out of the hospital, I have never been entirely sure that I had received my full compliment of MMR vaccinations. So, after discussing it with Kristie, and talking it over with a vaccination specialist at my PHO, I decided that it would probably do me good to get the booster.