Running Log

It has been quite a long time since I've last posted, so I thought I'd start using Vespa Diaries as a running log.

Kristie and I are both training for a half marathon in June, and we started our pre-training a week ago. The pre-training consists of approximately 35 KM per week worth of running. We've actually been running for quite a while now, but most of the running that we have been doing is on weekends; generally one long run between 10 - 15 KM depending on how we feel, and our consistency in running.

As mentioned, we started the pre-training last week, and so far I have actually found the runs to be very invigorating as we generally are out the door and running by about 5:15 AM. Even last week, through my bout of insomnia, I still felt energetic on the runs.

I'll keep a running total of the runs that we've done on the blog as we go along.