I'm THAT Guy

Monday, December 22, 2014 11:56 Posted by Leo Saumure
Image courtesy of: Grant Williamson
Today, I was walking back from checking out our new office space, which we're moving into on February 2nd. I stepped out the door of the main building, and started to plug into my phone so that I could listen to podcasts as I walked back to the office. So I'm standing there, in the middle of the sidewalk, stuffing my earbuds into my earholes, and punching in my code to unlock my phone, when this woman walks around me from behind, and shoots me a VERY unfavourable glance, obviously quite upset that I have decided to do this task in her way.

I noticed that she gave me an angry look, and immediately apologized...because I'm Canadian. Anyway, I said sorry, and stepped off to the side so that I wouldn't be in anyone else's way...on the virtually empty sidewalk. But what I found very rude, was the fact that after apologizing, this lady just shook her head as if she had stepped in dog poo, by some unthinking, and uncaring jerk!

But you know what really pissed me off about this whole encounter? The fact that I realized that I have been her! I've been the one casting grumpy glances at anyone who should have the audacity to get in my direct line of motion, and I've been the one shaking my head in disgust at these self-absorbed and self-centred people!

It made me see, not that I didn't implicitly know this anyway, that people aren't being rude; they aren't trying to get in my way; they aren't trying to be jerks. They are simply not thinking outside their own little worlds. I wasn't trying to get in that lady's way, but I was too wrapped up in my own thoughts, that it never even dawned on me that I might be in other people's way.

Anyway, long story short, I'm going to try to keep in mind that most people aren't out to piss me off. Most inconveniences have very little to do with me, and have nothing to do with making my day better or worse.

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