I was captivated by these flowers.

Saturday, September 26, 2015 09:22 Posted by Leo Saumure
So, I unfriended a Facebook "friend" today. This person was someone I worked with back at Canadian Blood Services, and I have just found her Facebook posts to be more and more antithetical to my ideals.

My inner voice is struggling with the decision in some respects as there is an argument to be made that perhaps by engaging in their posts, I could provide a counterbalance to their views. Maybe I could actually provide a point of view that they may take into account, and might help temper their thoughts, if not outright changing them. In my experience however, I have not really found that to be the case.

Up until this point, I have only unfriended two other people and again, it was because I found their posts to be quite objectionable to my way of thinking. I guess, to my credit, I still have many friends on Facebook that I have differences of opinions and for the most part, we can discuss them and sometimes come to understandings.

In these three cases however, I just didn't want to put forth the effort for what I saw to be a pointless exercise.

...In totally unrelated news, the flowers below were a photo I took on the Balmain foreshore, on one of our last days in Sydney,

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