Another Kiwi take on poutine

Friday, October 09, 2015 19:33 Posted by Leo Saumure
Today we tried a new place (to us), called Burger Liquor, and they were offering poutine. We thought that since it is so hard to find poutine here, we should give anyone offering it the opportunity to impress us.
Now, while I wouldn't say we were blown away, this was a solid effort on their part. They were thick cut fries served with melted tasty (cheddar) cheese and mushroom gravy. The taste was good, and the fries were hot, so they went down quite nicely.

We do have a few observations however; a few notes if you will. The first being that they were served with regular cheese and not cheese curds. This is not a specific call out to this restaurant, as cheese curds don't seem to exist in New Zealand. Which I find interesting. I mean in a land where the chief export is milk products, you'd think they'd master all aspects of dairy and it's by-products.

Another issue was the size of the portion. For nine bucks, I expect a lot more than what we got. I'd say our serving size was about the size of small cup of fries from New York Fries.

Finally, and this is just an aesthetic point, but poutine should only be served in an aluminium pie plate. Again, this isn't a rebuke on this particular restaurant, but a truism about any place that tries poutine in the southern hemisphere.

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