New Year's Day Training Begins.

Thursday, January 01, 2015 11:06 Posted by Leo Saumure

First Day of Training

Today was the first day of true training that Kristie and I have embarked on in ages. Today's schedule was 35 minutes tempo, which we have interpreted at race pace.

I didn't set my watch options up properly before the start of the run, so we had to estimate time by the distance that we had run. We assumed that 6 KM should be about 35 minutes, so we ran from Fergs to Ballena Bay and back...but not the whole way back (see map below).

We ran a pretty good pace; actually the fastest we've run in ages! We were both pretty knackered during the run, but we did manage to keep the pace under 6 minutes per kilometre and had our last K as our fastest split (see below).

Tomorrow, according to the training schedule, is suppose to be a rest day, but we didn't manage to start the training on the correct day, so we're going to do an easy 30 minute run tomorrow.

Weather-wise, it was a great day to start the training! Sunny, although a little bit of wind, and not too hot.

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