Because he said Kenojauk

Tuesday, June 16, 2015 11:26 Posted by Leo Saumure
The noun that Aiden gave me was Kenojauk. I had absolutely no idea who, what, or where Kenojauk was.

Turns out, Aiden was learning about Inuit art in school, and they had been reading about Kenojauk. Kenojauk Ashevak is an renowned artist who's work I had never heard of, but once I started looking into her work and her style, I was captivated.

Usually, I don't have much interest in art from First Nations as I find they are often nothing more than variations on a theme (yes that is a broad generalisation). Kenojauk, however, has a completely different style to what I am use to when it comes to First Nation's art.

The closest I can come to, when trying to explain it would be First Nations meets Australian Aboriginal art. She seems to like the style of using stipple rather than solid colours or lines but she uses more muted colours than you would find in Aboriginal art. She also uses a lot of whitespace in her pieces, whereas Aboriginal art seems to use concentric circles or geometric shapes to surround the main focus so that it fills the whole canvas.

If you're into seeing some fantastic pieces, I encourage you to check out her work.

Here is the piece I created for Aiden.

An homage to Kenojauk

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