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Monday, June 15, 2015 22:05 Posted by Leo Saumure
I'm have recently embarked on something a little different as a creative experiment.

My sister has two fantastic children that I'm just crazy about. They are intelligent, funny, and engaging and just a wonder to behold. In the past ,Alianna and Aiden, have sent me videos of themselves asking questions about science topics. So, being the science minded person that I am, they managed to endear themselves to me even more than they already were. In response to their questions, I created a couple of YouTube videos using some characters I drew of myself and bit of audio background. You can check out the one I made for Alianna here, and Aiden's is here.

For my newest creative project, I have asked each of them to provide me with (in this case) a noun. Using that single word, I am going to produce a little digital artwork for each of them. Then I will have it printed at a photo centre, because they can produce better quality than I could on a cheap colour printer. Then, I'll laminate the photo onto another piece of cardstock, which I have printed as the back of a postcard. So in essence, I'm creating an on-demand postcard based on their suggestion. Hmmm...You might have thought I should have led off with that sentence. Anyway. in addition to illustrating something based off their single word suggestion, they will also have an overarching theme to include the characters from my Night Terrier cartoons. I'm calling the project: Because She/He said... and each postcard will have that sentence on it; followed by the word provided to me.

I have already completed the first two postcards, and will post them on the blog tomorrow with a bit of an explanation of what I have drawn, and why I chose to create that particular piece.

I'm hoping that this project will continue on longer than just a couple of postcards as I am hoping to get two things out of this:

  1. Some inspiration to continue drawing and being creative
  2. Form a stronger bond with a couple kids who I am very fond of.
Hopefully this becomes a regular thing, and I hope you like them, and I hope my niece and nephew like them too. I mean, who doesn't like getting postcards?

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